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Yaad - Serious Karke Ft. Deep JanduYaad - Serious Karke Ft. Deep Jandu[R]

Yaad - Yaad (A Name To Remember)Yaad - Yaad (A Name To Remember)[R]

Yaad - Haqq Ft. Deep JanduYaad - Haqq Ft. Deep Jandu[R]

Yaad - 317 Ft. Deep JanduYaad - 317 Ft. Deep Jandu[R]

Yaad - Lifetime Ft. Jay TrakYaad - Lifetime Ft. Jay Trak[R]

Yaad - Wrinkle Ft. Jay TrakYaad - Wrinkle Ft. Jay Trak[R,V]

Yaad - Do You Remember Ft. Deep JanduYaad - Do You Remember Ft. Deep Jandu[R]

Yaad - Tera Mera RishtaYaad - Tera Mera Rishta[R]

Yaad - Gold Da Koka Ft. J StatikYaad - Gold Da Koka Ft. J Statik[R,V]

Yaad - Surma Ft. Jay TrakYaad - Surma Ft. Jay Trak[R,V]

Yaad - New Kid On The BlockYaad - New Kid On The Block[R]

Yaad - Vair (iTunes)Yaad - Vair (iTunes)[R,V]

Yaad - Lambo Wali GirlYaad - Lambo Wali Girl

Yaad - VaillanYaad - Vaillan

Yaad - Guru Ravidas JehaYaad - Guru Ravidas Jeha

Yaad - Pure DiamondYaad - Pure Diamond

Yaad - Chatrigalu Saar ChatrigaluYaad - Chatrigalu Saar Chatrigalu

Yaad - The Black HorseYaad - The Black Horse

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